Service Dogs


Lisa being presented her new 4-H Guide Dog Puppy Barney,
along with an armload of doggie supplies!!
These included, some dog food, vitamins, and various other goodies.
As you can see it was quite heavy and then they handed
me Barney which was a little to much!!!:)
He is starting to slide out of my arms in this photo!!
This is Lisa with her New Guide Dog Puppy Barney and her sister Monique.
Oregon State Fair, Salem, Oregon Sept. of 1983.

Barney with his sock tied to his tail!
He was a comedian too, maybe he learned that from our Cockers!!!:)

Barney, sitting so relaxed and taking it all in!


Barney, Lisa & Mrs. Nancy Lorain, my Paw Pal's 4-H Dog Club Leader for 7 years. I will be forever grateful for all that she taught me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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