"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about little puppies" Gene Hill

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We may not always have puppies available at the time you write or call us.
Remember: "All good things come to those who wait!"

It takes 63 - 65 days before the puppies are born and another 60 days (8 weeks) before they are ready to go to their new homes.
This will give you plenty of time to "PUPPY PROOF YOUR HOME AND YARD" just as you would to protect your human baby when they start crawling and walking!

When inquiring about our dogs PLEASE provide the following information,

1. SEX - Male or Female
2. COLOR - Black, Black/Tan, Chocolate, Chocolate/Tan or Buff
3. AGE - 8 Weeks - Adult (How old?)
4. Quality - Pet, Show, Field, Obedience, Agility or ?
5. Where are you located? City? State?
6. How did you find us? Yellow Pages? Word Of Mouth? Internet? What Site? Magazine? Dogs USA? Cocker Spaniel Leader? Other?

We guarantee GOOD DISPOSITION and that the Puppy or Older Dog is healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time they leave Cal-Ore Cockers to go to their new homes.
Although we do our best to insure that we breed a healthy, happy American Cocker Spaniel there is no guarntee that the puppy or older dog you purchase from us will be free of Genetic defects until the end of his life.

You will need to purchase a Vari Kennel (Crate) or Wire Crate for help in Housebreaking your puppy or older dog and for "SAFE" Transportation in your Automobile, Pick-Up, and RV.

If you own your own home you may want to purchase a Chain Link Dog Run. It can be a Permanent Run or you may want to purchase a Portable Dog Run just in case you would move as this would be able to go with you & the dog without another added expense. The Run should be at least 4 foot wide by 10, 12 or 16 foot long by 6 feet high. Depending on where you live as far as weather conditions go you should have a roof over it to provide shade or protection from the rain, snow, sleet, etc. Also you may need to cover one or all sides of the Run for wind protection, especially in winter as the rain & snow will BLOW IN!

Don't forget a Dog House! When you purchase a Dog House make sure it isn't too big or too small for the size of your dog. He keeps warm in a Dog House by having his body heat surround him. You want the roof & walls to be tall & wide enough for him/her to just be able to sit with out touching the ceiling with the top of his/her head. When he/she lays down there should be only a little extra space from his/her head & feet as not to touch the sides of the walls. Make sure the dog house is deep enough so he/she isn't falling out the door opening!

You will also need a Leather or Nylon Collar and a Choke Chain Collar (for Obedience training ONLY) & a Leather 6 foot Lead with a button snap hook. Food/Water dish combo or individual food & water dishes. You may want a Water Bucket for outside. Last, but not least the Dog Food!

We provide a 5 Generation Color & Health Coded Pedigree, Shot & Worming Records & Feeding Information with each puppy or older dog. From the time the puppies are born we handle them, talk to them & yes even kiss their sweet little heads until their little bodies scrunch up from our tickling them! We start "Show Posing/STACKING" or what is known as Table Training our puppies at about 3 - 5 weeks old. At 4 -5 weeks we give the puppy it's first Trim or Haircut. At 5 - 7 weeks we start Lead Training our puppies & then they are ready to graduate to what we call "Ground Training" for the Show Stance on the ground in preparation for the puppies first Puppy Match Shows at 8 weeks and older, and then on to, hopefully, attain their Champion title or titles. If the puppies don't go into show homes, but are instead chosen to go into pet homes, they will have been properly conditioned to go into their new homes ready to be Devoted and Loving Companions for the rest of their lives
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Puppies of the past.
Cal-Ore's Sing'n Swing'n Swee'Pea
Sire: CH. Cal-Ore's Coal Dust
Dam: Cal-Ore's Chocolate Praline


Cal-Ore's Scarlet Ribbons
Sire: Butch's Udandie
Dam: Cal-Ore's Chocolate Praline


Cal-Ore's Choclit Giacobazzi, AKA Jock
Sire: Cal-Ore's The Devil's Advocate
Dam: Merribark's Mocha Motion


Cal-Ore's Chocolate Squirt
Sire: Cal-Ore's Chocolate Alexander
Dam: Merribark's Mocha Motion


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